Brand Endorsement Videos with Celebrities and Influencers
Hassle-free. Effective. Disrupting.
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We make Digital Twins of people you won't tell from real
Which celebrities do you work with?
Our service is most effective when it comes to A-List celebrities, who work with top global brands. We work with top talent agencies - CAA, Special Artists, and others. So, it's virtually any celebrity. The negotiations part is on us.
Why is it Hassle free?
Deepcake allows you arranging production like you would do it with a local low-budget cast. You don't depend on schedule, circumstances, and special requests from celebrities.
Why is it Effective?
Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to succeed in tasks Minus travel expenses, expensive filming days, insurance, and other costs. You pay for endorsement contract with the celeb's agent, and a fee for Deepcake's services. This is game-changingly low.

Shoot as many videos as you wish during the endorsement contract.
of any level.
Why is it Disrupting?
We create digital-twins of celebrities, and the actual production process doesn't require the physical presence of a celebrity on stage.

Deepcake is only team able to make digital twin in 4K quality, On top, we can hyper-personalize your brand's message, and jump on arena of performance marketing with A-List celebrities.
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