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with Deepcake you can create videos from scratch, edit your own footage, and generate hours of new content based on existing records
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more than a 100 languages to reach the audience
handy tools: text animation, background selection, choice of music and sound effects
generate single project using the interface or thousands via the API
edit the video as text
integration with databases and contact lists
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Russian startup Deepcake assisted Sberbank in creating a sensational video animating a movie character. The team generated the image for the video. Now the startup creates educational content for a number of large customers and works on projects for the film market.
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If the team keeps working on their technology, there will soon be a tool that will completely change interactivity. Today, all the viewers are given is to choose the ending of the series. In the future, with the help of dipfakes, we will be able to be inside the film universe with our friends. It will also be possible to change boring actors.
Read full text at Sostav is the first to show businesses and production teams how to use deepfakes legally and commercially
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